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Effective Distance Learning Higher Education

Your home study at Bircham International University.

The BIU Distance learning education does not imply painful memorization. Instead, it teaches students to think critically and increase their intellectual capacity. Distance education provides the student with a private and personal learning experience. What is assessed is the student's thinking process and not his memorization of data. Bircham International University's innovative methodology makes home studying achievable, time-effective, and highly productive.

Bircham International University Distance learning higher education emphasizes quality and not quantity. It draws its concept from real-life experiences and content-specific material, and avoid superfluous details. Thus, students efficiently achieve full command of real-life skills in different areas as well as practical application of the acquired know-how.


 Distance Learning Education - Bircham University



Distance Learning Higher Education, also known as Adult Home Study or Online Education, is the process by which the Distance Learning Training of a student occurs in circumstances where the educator and the student are geographically separated and they communicate via one or several technological forms. The concept of Distance Learning Schools is not new - Distance Education Universities and degree programs were initially offered via print-based correspondence courses, then through tele-courses and videotapes, and currently through computer-based instructions (although print and video are still used in Home Study).


Critics of Adult Distance Education or Home Study question whether there is a genuine cost saving, after taking into account the investment in infrastructure, the work involved in adapting or creating a course for delivery through computer-based instruction, and the need to provide Distance Learning Recognition to students with basic university functions, such as registration, advising, and access to library materials. They also question the quality of the online educational experience, the issue of Adult Higher EducationRecognition and point to the increasing publicity about online Distance Learning Universities called "diploma mills", fraudulent institutions that offer worthless Distance Learning Higher Education degrees, many requiring little or no coursework, in exchange for money.


Distance Learning Higher Education supporters claim that Distance Learning Education is more convenient and accessible for nontraditional students. This has been base on an increasingly large percentage of Online Learning Universities.


Adult Distance Education allows students to pursue an education while fulfilling their commitment to their jobs and families. Home Study provides accessibility for those students far from a traditional college or university. Supporters also point to cost savings - with virtual courses, educational institutions can accommodate greater numbers of students without incurring the costs of new buildings and classrooms.