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Distance Learning Education


How to Study at BIU

 BIU does not want you to just enroll but to graduate, to earn your deserved diploma, and to achieve your goals.



BIU Student Process Quality Control


You send the application for admission.
Processing time: 5 to 10 days after submission of the complete application for admission.

You receive the Official Admission Certificate indicating the required courses and the cost.


Once the application for admission has been processed; Bircham International Universitywill issue an Official Admission Certificate that will show the amounts of credits transferred from previous education, any credits allocated for professional experience, and the amount of credits required to complete the distance learning degree program. This certificate also calculates the cost of the adult home study program. This certificate will allow you to know exactly, and prior to formal enrollment into the distance learning education program, the amount of credits required, the estimated time of completion, and the cost.
The next step would be to formalize your enrollment.


You submit the first payment of the tuition according to the selected payment plan.
Processing time: 7 to 15 days after verification of the first payment.
You receive the academic requirements of your personalized program of study.


To formalize your registration, you need to deposit the corresponding tuition fees according to the payment plan you have chosen (up to 24 monthly installments). To ensure consumer protection, BIU has developed a program cancellation and refund policy, after enrollment. Your may check this policy on the BIU website, on the back of the application for admission, or you may request a hard copy from your BIU Office.


Certificate Processing time: 7 to 15 days after formal enrollment.
ID Card Processing time: 7 to 15 days after formal enrollment (ID Picture required - only for degree program)


Enrollment Certificate and Student ID card are sent at the beginning of the distance learning education program. Student ID Card is sent to degree program students only (Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate). We need you ID Picture in order to issue this card. After completion of the adult distance education degree program; you are entitled to receive a Lifetime Collegiate Member ID Card.


A Receipt is issued every time any payment is received. It indicates the payment date and amount, the BIU Office (or BIU authorized agent) that received the payment, the total tuition for the distance learning education degree program, and/or any due amount. The Official Invoice is issued upon request, after completion of all payments, or at the end of the fiscal year.


You should receive this form every time you submit a work or document to BIU.


This document will inform you of your current administrative status and other formal requirements related to the completion of your distance learning education degree program. All procedures - whether completed or pending - will be indicated in the Home Study Process Control form.


Processing time: 3 to 7 weeks after verification of the first payment.


The BIU Office should provide the textbooks required to complete your degree program. It may take 7 to 15 days to determine the textbooks and assignments required for your degree program. It may take several additional weeks until you physically get the textbooks. In other words, you can expect approximately 3 to 7 weeks after formal enrollment to actually start studying. Do allow some time for delivery of all the textbooks, as we need to order them from different publishing houses, and then deliver them to you. These textbooks are the foundation of your study program. They are selected based on their comprehensive and updated coverage of the subject. Delivery time may vary depending on the publishing house and the availability of the textbook. Please, be patient and call us anytime to know about the shipment status of your assigned textbook(s).



You will be required to write several reports; which will form the course exams for your online learning program. After you submit all the required reports; you will complete the distance learning higher education program and will earn your degree. This form contains the details of the distance learning degree program assignments. In other words, it lists the suggested textbooks, all written reports (exams) required per textbook. It also keeps record of the dates when the books were shipped, when reports were submitted to BIU, and the grades obtained for each report. Note that one book does not necessarily correspond to one course. Each book may cover several course contents, either totally or partially.


Postgraduate programs (Master & Doctor of Philosophy) always require the submission of a final project or thesis. This form shows the title of the final project or thesis, the dates of submission and evaluation, the corresponding grades, and the names of the professors involved in the evaluation process.


This form is used to evaluate every reports (exam), final project, and/or thesis submitted to Bircham International University. It shows the name of the evaluated academic work, and the grades given by the specialized instructor and the academic supervisor. Note that the evaluation comments are included in case the grade is lower than 3.0 (Good) in order to assist the student in understanding how to correct and improve his work.


The BIU distance learning degree program consists of studying all the textbooks assigned and writing reports about these readings, according to the guidelines described in the BIU Home Study Guide. This home study guide explains the Bircham International University pedagogical system, how to study the provided textbooks, how to do and present the required reports and research work (Project or thesis), the evaluation process, and useful learning tips.


Response time: variable. Check the tutoring instructions at the BIU Study Guide.


All questions related to the presentation of written assignments, doubts concerning textbook comprehension, knowledge level, etc., as well as any administrative procedure should be addressed to your BIU Office. This latter will forward your question to the appropriate member of the Academic Board and/or instructor's team.


Duration depends on your dedication to complete the required assignments.


Once you have received all the instructions, program guidelines, textbooks, and other study material, it is your duty to administer your time to complete the assignments and obtain your distance learning higher education degree accordingly. We believe that adult online learning is based on a sense of responsibility. No one better than yourself can decide how best to administer and organize your time. Bircham International Universitywill not actively pursue the submission of your required academic work. At the same time we do want to let you know that we are here to help you in the progress of your studies. Let us know when you need extra support.


The cancellation of your program of study may occur if you fail to submit payments as per the agreed payment plan option, and/ or failure to submit assignments for one year.


You must submit a minimum of one report per year in order to keep your academic file active. If you do not meet this minimum requirement for any reason, we urge you to contact us to help you. Failure to meet the selected payment plan may also lead to the cancellation of your distance learning education program. Bircham International University personalized education is not limited to the design of a personalized program; it also envelopes the understanding and supporting of every student, according to his or her personal and professional situation. The BIU office will always be available to answer your questions and support you in the progress of your home studies.


Processing time: 5 to 9 weeks after submission of the required assignments (reports, project or thesis).


Bircham International University provides much more than a diploma. The graduation set documents provide a comprehensive report of your academic achievements, credits earned and transferred, course descriptions, program textbooks, etc... The Graduation Set Documents do prove the extent and depth of your program of study at BIU. These documents are: Diploma, Diploma Supplement, Transcript, Evaluation Reports (Academic Assignments Control Form), Research Evaluation Form (Thesis or Projects). Additionally, BIU may provide an Official Diploma Translation (with your picture) and a Transcript Attachment describing all the courses earned at BIU in several languages (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese). Original copies of any of these documents may be issued from Europe or the USA.


Contact the Graduate Services Department for more information.


Bircham International University offers several graduate services in order to enhance the benefits that you may obtain from your education and degree. To order any of these services, you must fill out the Graduate Services Order Form and send it by email as a PDF file or by fax. These services are managed by the Graduate Services Department located at the BIU Madrid Office. The services provided are: International Legalization of your diploma and transcript, degree validation options, original copies, graduation ceremonies, etc.

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact your BIU Office.