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How to Do the Project and/or Thesis


  • Project & thesis instructions

In order to complete your distance learning education degree syllabus, you are required to submit the following:


  • One final project of at least 50 pages for the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.
  • One thesis of at least 75 pages for the Doctorate program.

In both cases, this paper must be typed in English on white standard-size paper and on one side of the page only. Two copies have to be submitted to Bircham International University. One of these copies may be forwarded by email as a PDF file. Once the project or thesis is corrected, one of the copies stamped by the university will be mailed back to you. Your paper will not be accepted if it does not fulfill the requirements set below:


  • Format

Front page
This first page should contain the title of the project or thesis, the student's first and last name, the name of the program, and the date. The student's signature and the following statement must follow the above mentioned information: "I do hereby attest that I am the sole author of this project/thesis and that its contents are only the result of the readings and research I have done". Of the two copies required byBircham International University, only one will be filed at BIU and should contain the above statement. The second copy will be stamped and returned to you and does not require the authenticity statement.

Table of contents / Bibliography
Following the front page, you need to include the Table of Contents and a complete list of the bibliographic material used, including books, journal articles, conference papers, etc.

Abstract or synopsis
Following the table of contents, you need to include a synopsis of one to three pages to provide a brief explanation of the content and objectives of the paper.

Paper body
In this section you should develop the core content of the project or thesis. The information contained in this part must be organized as follows: chapters, sections, parts, and/or case studies. This structure is to be reflected in the table of contents. All pages must be numbered. As part of your discussion, you can include graphs, photographs, drawings, charts, photocopies of articles, and/or any other material you consider relevant. The body of the project or thesis should fulfill the minimum length requirement without exceeding the limit of 200 pages. Please note that the quality of content is more important than its quantity.

With prior approval from BIU, you may also submit published material, such as books, journal or magazine article compilations, research, etc. Of course, these items do not need to fulfill the above format requirements; they can be submitted to BIU in their original format. Bircham International University requires that you submit two copies of each publication.


  • Content

You are free to choose the title and content of your project or thesis. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore in depth the topics that interest you, both personally and professionally during your home study. Once you have reached your decision, you may submit a one to three pages proposal containing a synopsis of your project/ thesis and the title of the paper. This preliminary procedure is optional, since all submissions will be approved as long as they are directly related to your field of interest.

The BIU Office carries out a fast revision to ensure that your work fulfills the format and length requirements. Then it sends the work to the members of the BIU Academic Board for content evaluation. This process may take from one to two months. A teacher will correct your assignment and you will be notified of the result by means of the Academic Assignment Control form. The final mark will only appear in your transcript. If your work does not qualify, you will be asked to repeat the assignment or to present a different one. Bircham International University will always explain to you how to improve your work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are only a phone call away.