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Home Study



  • BIU believes in the self-organization of the learning process

Bircham International University students’ profile is one of highly skilled and motivated learner and/or professional. In this context, Bircham International University assumes that these students have an adequate level of responsibility and motivation to work out their own online learning schedule and do not need detailed tutoring and guiding to meet the requirements of their home study academic work. There are plenty of personal and professional commitments that may interfere with the home study time of a fixed schedule of assignments. Bircham International University does not consider it fair to establish an academic penalty if a home study fixed schedule of assignments is not met. Bircham International University believes that self organization is undoubtedly the best option for mature students because it provides time freedom and reduces stress throughout the home study.



The schedule at BIU can be Free or Fixed.


  • Free schedule: The norm

Unless you request in writing, Bircham International University assumes that you have opt for a free schedule of home study; in other words, a free schedule of assignment submission.

  • Monitoring & follow-ups: Personalized & immediate

Bircham International University will not be contacting you unless you request advice, tutoring, and/or submit any academic work for correction. In this case, your corresponding BIU office will keep track and find the best way to deal with your request. The home study free schedule of assignments is meant to help you organize yourself the way you consider best, however Bircham International University’s intention is not to develop an impersonal and detached distance learning experience so we do encourage you to contact us any time to resolve any questions, comments, or feelings related to the progress of your home study. Bircham International University offers you several communication channels during home study free self-organized schedule.

  • Minimum requirements & student file inactivation

Bircham International University does not stipulate a minimum or maximum time for completion of any academic assignment. However, you should submit at least one report per year in order to keep your student file active. If you do not submit any work or notice over this period of 12 months, your student status at BIU may be inactivated and/or canceled. Once your student file has been canceled, you will lose your student rights as well as all the tuition fees paid.

  • Contact data update

You may also move and complete your distance learning higher education degree program from anywhere in the world as long as you keep your Bircham International University office updated with your contact data.