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Home Study



Bircham International University has a complex international network of teachers and academics plus a worldwide interrelation with faculties of other educational institutions. Due to this international nature of the distance learning higher education home study programs; the BIU student is obligated to channel any questions or concerns about the distance learning education program through the corresponding BIU Delegation. This office has the responsibility to search within the BIU structure and find out the best way to deal with the student request. Bircham International University has developed several ways to provide the student with academic support and advice during his/her online learning process.


  • Formal advising

During home study, any questions related to the completion of the assignments (reports, project, or thesis), work format and presentation, as well as any concerns about administrative procedures should be addressed to the delegation.
Answer time: Immediate to 24 hours.



  • Teacher interview & interaction

The delegation may set up a telephone interview with a teacher to provide guidance to the student on very specific issues. The assigned teacher and the student may also interact by email any time. Telephone interviews are usually scheduled and coordinated with both parties by the delegation. Bircham International University teachers should not just be academically qualified but they must be sound and updated professionals as well. This is the reason why often teacher availability is not immediate.
Time to schedule an interview: 1 to 7 days.
Email interaction timing: 12 to 48 hours.



  • Support books

Sometimes, the questions posed by the student in regard to the comprehension of the assigned textbooks may reveal a knowledge gap that may not be filled with the usual teacher's answers by emails or telephone interviews. In such cases, the BIU Faculty will assign some support textbooks to assist the student in filling up his/her knowledge gap. No reports are required on the texts assigned for support purposes.
Time for support text assignation: 1 to 3 weeks.



  • Project & thesis mentoring

The instructions on how to elaborate a research work during home study have been summarized to meet different cultural backgrounds worldwide. For example, BIU research format allows some students to use footnotes, others may just add a final appendix containing research references, some may decide not to provide notes, but all of them must display the proper bibliography. Bircham International University allows certain format freedom. The student also proposes the title and content of his research subject for Academic Board approval. The student may ask the delegation to set up an interview with a mentor for guidance in focusing the content of the research. Besides, BIU may provide support textbooks to ensure a sound academic foundation of the student work, throughout his adult home study.
Time for support text assignation: 1 to 3 weeks.
Time to schedule a mentor interview: 1 to 7 days.
Time for research content proposal approval: 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Feedback & improvement

Bircham International University teachers will provide feedback comments about the work submitted whenever relevant and helpful for the student. These comments are intended to pinpoint any specific issues that need improvement. The student may raise the work grade by resubmitting the same work considering the improvement comments pinpointed by the teacher.
Time for report first evaluation & feedback: 1 to 3 weeks from reception time.
Time for project/thesis first evaluation & feedback: 3 to 5 weeks from reception time.

  • Emphasis on specific course content

Bircham International University diplomas display one major and one optional minor. Additionally, the student may propose the inclusion in his/her program of some subjects apart from the major and minor courses that particularly attract his/her interest. These subjects will be shown on the final transcript but will not appear on the diploma. Such proposal must be formally addressed in writing to the delegation and is always subject to approval from the Academic Board.
Time for additional courses proposal approval: 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Program reassignment

On few occasions, the assigned program for home study may present some level of inconsistency. In other words, the suggested textbooks assignment could be too easy or too hard for the student. This unusual situation occurs when there is some lack of information or a resume misinterpretation during the admission process. In this case, BIU will assume the responsibility and the cost of reassigning a whole new set of suggested textbooks, but first the student must provide accurate information of his expected learning goals and precise the deficiencies of the initial assignment. Bircham International University may also request further and detailed verification of the student resume before producing the new assignment. The Academic Board is the only authority that may modify, add, or delete any bibliography and/or assignments.
Time for new program reassignment: 1 to 3 weeks.