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Online Learning


Successful Online Learning


The key to integrate the "know-how" in a certain area of knowledge in our mind lies in understanding these two areas: WHAT we study at home and HOW we study it.

WHAT: Textbooks specifically selected and supervised by Bircham International University Academics constitute the core element of every course. These books are chosen for their clear, interesting, and in-depth content. They encourage critical thinking and the practical application of the acquired knowledge; both of which are essential to distance learning higher education. Bircham International University adopts the best available list of published textbook in an attempt to meet the projected learning outcomes from each distance education program.


HOW: In order to transform the raw material of a textbook into useful processed information; it is necessary to structure the online learning approach and apply it to the selected textbooks.

The home study guide proposed by BIU helps students achieve this goal.

The pillars of any effective online learning are: reading, comprehension, study, and memorization.

Bircham International University offers a series of concise yet effective advices that can help to improve student performance in any online learning process. You are invited to adapt these advices in what you consider best fit your usual adult home study habits.